Healthier Air, AND Longer Product Life!

E.L. Payne’s 3 stage system not only makes your home a healthier place to be, but keeps your new heating and cooling system spotless, ensuring a longer life and return on your investment!

Odor Absorption System Also Available

Free your home from the smell of fish, trash, and other odors to help you breathe (and sniff!) easier.

Air Quality/Health Experts

Our Service Technicians are Air Quality and Health experts, committed to ensuring that your home is filled with fresh and healthy air in every season. Request a Service Technician visit today to see how we can partner with you to ensure you can breathe easy in your home in more ways than one.

The E.L. Payne Company heating and air expertise, services, and products allows you to:

  • Breathe easier, knowing your air has been filtered and purified from mold spores, viruses, smog and dust.
  • Find relief from the strain on your sinuses caused by bacteria and mold spores in the air.

Our 3-Stage Air Filtration-Purification System

E.L. Payne has created a 3 stage process to ensure the health of the air you breathe in your home.

Stage 1

Standard in all E.L. Payne installations, we use 4 inch Honeywell filters as the foundation for our 3 stage process.

The Result »
40% reduction of particles including mold spores, viruses, smog, and dust in the air.

Stage 2

We combine the power of Honeywell’s electronic air cleaner for even greater protection.

The Result »
70% reduction of particles including mold, spores, viruses, smog, and dust. (on top of the 40% reduction from stage 1)

Stage 3

We complete the three stages with Honeywell’s Ultraviolet Air Treatment System.

The Result »
99% reduction of airborne organisms including bacteria and mold spores. (on top of the 82% reduction of particles from stage 1 and Stage 2)